Frequently Asked Questions

How to open the Lock Box at a property location?

  • On the front of the lock box, enter the 4 digit code we give you, then on the right side of the lock box push up on the circle button at the bottom and get the key out. Once looking at the property, please place the key back in the lock box and turn the 4 digit code to a different number.

Where do you have properties?

  • We currently have the majority of our property in Arkansas, focusing primarily on Hot Springs, Benton, Malvern, Little Rock, and Fayetteville.

We don’t have money for a full 20% down payment, is that ok?

  • We are not like a traditional bank. We like to help people that deserve it get into homes. We generally will accept anywhere from 5%-20%. The more you put down, the less your monthly payments will be; however, bring us an offer and we will always consider it!

We only have a little money down, but can afford good monthly payments. Can we work something out?

  • In short, yes! There are a variety of ways we can pull a deal together. If you only have a little money down, we may take a vehicle, boat, jet ski, ect. As a partial down payment.

Will you take another property in as trade?

  • Absolutely!

We’ve recently inherited a property, but we do not know anything about it or have any desire to maintain it, will you buy it from us?

  • There is a good possibility we will! We will have to do our primary investigation, and if it’s something we’re interested in, we will get back with you and try and work out a deal!