Owner Financing Options

Obtaining a mortgage through a bank or other lending institution is becoming increasingly more difficult, even if you have a superb credit score. If you find a property in our portfolio that you like, we ask you to fill out an application online. Once we receive the application and $25 application fee, we will access your information. While we do pull a credit report, our decision on accepting or rejecting your application is not based on your credit score. We will analyze your credit report, and take special considerations into account. After reviewing this and your references and prior rental history we will make our decision based upon our findings and your ability to comfortably make the payments. We look for some type of down payment for every home we "owner finance"; some have a set amount they require down, other are negotiable. We try to work with anyone who has the ability to make payments but may not have the full amount of the down payment posted for a property, you can pay a partial down in some cases and pay out the rest until the time comes when a lump sum can pay off the balance from a settlement or income tax return. We may also consider a trade, do you have another home, a mobile home, a harley, jet skies, truck, car? Give us a call to discuss at 501 760 3777 We will fit the monthly payment to meet you needs. We do a lease's and if you wish to purchase and can not qualify for a loan then you can enter into an agreement with us that locks in todays price while you get you credit either repaired, established, or restored. This agreement is called a "Contract for an Option" When you have good credit you get better terms, rates, lower payments.With this option you get to live in the house today while you know that the house will Not be sold from out from under you and what the price will be when you are ready!! And if buy from us You Never have a Pre-Payment penalty with Money in the Bank! Money in the Bank, Inc will negotiate, so do not hesitate to call and let's discuss your next home or lot.